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The Cuban Artists Fund was founded in New York City in 1998 by three Cuban-American community cultural leaders: Lourdes Lopez, then executive director of the George Balanchine Foundation, Maria Rita Caso, an executive music and film producer, and Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Program Director for Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Each of the co-founders sought to reconnect with their cultural roots and they combined their efforts to create the Cuban Artists Fund.

CAF supports Cuban and Cuban-born artists living outside of Cuba with grants and by helping to identify resources and people, in the United States and abroad, to create networks for Cuban artists, arts and culture groups, and cultural exchanges. CAF has a particular focus on presenting and nurturing artistic work by Cuban artists in New York City.

CAF’s multi-faceted mission is to:

  • Foster the vitality and spirit of Cuban artists in Cuba and throughout the Diaspora community;
  • Raise global awareness and understanding of Cuban cultural achievements, in order to build an international network of support and partnerships for the Cuban arts community;
  • Build a local and international network of support and partnerships for the Cuban arts community; and
  • Play a leadership role in promoting better understanding among American, Cuban, and Cuban Diaspora artists, art professionals, academics, and communities.
  • Share the work of Cuban artists to the public through engaging and innovating programs

CAF believes that artistic creativity transcends national borders and that the ability of an artist to create is vital to his/her own and the community’s well-being. CAF embraces the role that the arts play in bringing people together to build relationships and better understanding. It does so to help balance tradition with contemporary society, and local with global pressures.