Opening Reception: El Difícil Acto de Confundir el Horizonte

On Friday, October 13th, friends and supporters of Cuban Artists Fund came together for the opening reception of Duniesky Martín's El Difícil Acto de Confundir el Horizonte.  The collection is a series of mixed media drawings and watercolors that depict Hollywood's influence on our interpretation of Cuba, past and present, created during the artist's residency in Vermont earlier this year.



Artist Statement
Historically, Cuba has been a recurring country in Hollywood cinema. Film directors’ narratives have revolved around capturing a constructed reality of the country through their lens, although locations were mainly filmed in other Caribbean and Latin American countries such as Puerto Rico, Paraguay, México and the Dominican Republic. The diverse ways in which Cuba’s characteristic landscapes, both rural and urban, have been depicted constantly have converted its history into a ‘souvenir’.

Film archives offer the possibility to visualize these stereotyped simulations of Cuban context from a social, political, cultural and historical point of view. Inspired by film stills, this collection expresses a fragmented compilation of Cuba as seen throughout the years.

The difficult act of confusing the horizon is happening right now.

Kristian Sedeño, Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Alexandra Seegers, Rachel Alonso-Mendoza, Carlos Pomares

Kristian Sedeño, Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Alexandra Seegers, Rachel Alonso-Mendoza, Carlos Pomares

About the Artist
Duniesky Martín´s work revolves around social components such as the collective imaginary, the historical memory, esthetic paradigms, and cultural stereotypes. He has developed his work in different media such as drawing, painting, video, installation, and environment. He is considered by specialized critics as a "multidisciplinary artist" within Contemporary Cuban Art. Martín graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte in 2012 and is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Painting, Faculty of Visual Arts at the University of the Arts (ISA) in Havana. His works belong to the background of different collections in Cuba, England, United States, Netherland, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy. Read more...