After Genji by Emilio Perez

After Genji  , 2017, Edition of 16  -  Lithograph Triptych - 27 1/2” x 39 1/4”  (70 cm x 100 cm) each

After Genji, 2017, Edition of 16  -  Lithograph Triptych - 27 1/2” x 39 1/4”  (70 cm x 100 cm) each

Cuban Artists Fund is excited to present Emilio Perez's new print edition After Genji, a lithograph triptych, released with Polígrafa Obra Gráfica of Barcelona. The title of this work was inspired by the 12th century Japanese literary classic The Tale of Genji. This nine color triptych lithograph evokes the tradition of emakimono (picture scrolls), a horizontal, illustrated narrative form created during the 11th to 16th centuries in Japan. Informed by traditional Japanese landscape paintings and woodcuts, this three piece lithograph depicts an abstracted landscape that invites the viewer to enter its cinematic composition and create a narrative of their own. The process began with a 3 meter long hand cut stencil drawing that was then photographed and converted into three lithographic plates to which eight additional colors were then added.  

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About Emilio Perez
Born 1972, USA. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 

Rhythm, movement and intuition are in abundance in Emilio Perez’s works, revealing an interest in music, as well as a fascination with the forces of nature. Known as a painter's painter, combining the inherent aspects of painting with drawing in his unique stylistic process. His work is a combination of the spontaneity and expressiveness of painting (purposefully in its loosest form) and the immediacy and graphic quality of drawing. Energetic and intensely layered, his art is made using a distinctive stylistic process that combines painting, cutting and drawing. The artist generates his kinetic imagery by pushing paint in across a canvas, building layer over layer, and then going back into the painting to "draw" with a blade cutting his marks. Melding foreground and background, Perez's hand- cut marks ebb and flow between layers like the fluidity of ocean currents. Read more...