Cuban Artists Fund was founded in New York City in 1998.

We are committed to supporting artists of Cuban ancestry and providing public programming aimed at creating a broader appreciation for the Cuban arts and its global impact, both historically and in today’s society. CAF identifies resources and people to create valuable networks for Cuban artists, arts and culture groups, and cultural exchanges.

CAF is a tax-exempt nonprofit that is non-partisan and non-political. CAF does not accept government support. CAF strictly adheres to the policies and regulations established by the United States government as they relate to Cuba.

CAF’s mission aims to:

  • Foster the vitality and spirit of Cuban artists
  • Engage the public’s interest through programs and events
  • Raise global awareness and understanding of Cuban cultural achievements, in order to build an international network of support and partnerships for the Cuban arts community
  • Play a leadership role in promoting better understanding among American, Cuban, and Cuban Diaspora artists, art professionals, academics, and communities