Since 2010, Times Square Arts has collaborated with the Cuban Artists Fund, with the generous support of Rockefeller Brothers Fund, on nine diverse projects that demonstrate the strength and talent of artists working in Cuba.
— Debra Simon, Director of Public Art, Times Square Alliance

CAF supports artists and artistic projects in a variety of ways:

  • Technical Assistance

  • Grants to Artists and Art Projects

  • No cost studios space and residencies

  • Public programs and showcase opportunities featuring CAF sponsored artists

  • Advisement

Technical Assistance – For emerging artists, increasing their visibility or organizing their first solo show can be overwhelming. CAF has assisted artists by aiding in:

  • Art handling and shipping

  • Letters of Invitation (facilitating travel)

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Media Engagement

  • Travel/Accommodations

  • Translation

  • Licensing Rights

  • Organizing Cultural exchange

Grants to Artists and Art Projects – CAF is committed to assisting artists and art projects through grants of funds and in-kind. The follow recipients represent a sample of awards:

  • Arles Del Rio, Roberto Fabelo, Alejandro Pineiro, Esterio Segura, Aimee Garcia, Adriana Contino, Abel Barroso, Ernesto Rancanao, Rachel Valdez Camejo, Jose Parla, Emilio Perez, awards for visual art exhibitions

  • Jose Marti Statue Project, award for a replica statue for Havana’s Historic District

  • Detras de Muro, award for 2012 & 2015 Biennial exhibitions

  • Nacional Ballet de Cuba, donation of dozens of ballet shoes, sheet music and musical instruments

To apply for a grant, please send a short summary of the project to the Executive Director. Include artists/organizational profile, project description, timeline, partners (if any), budget and request amount. Please note that CAF receives more requests than it can support.



Public programs and showcase opportunities – In addition to supporting artists though our core programs, our established partnerships have afforded artists the opportunity to enhance their visibility through innovative public art installations at highly successful venues while affording the public unique programming and exhibitions. The following exemplify our successful partnerships:

  • To date, CAF and the Times Square Alliance (TSA) has yielded nine extraordinary public art exhibitions featuring Cuban artists. The partnership is a natural blend of our respective missions to showcase contemporary artists by engaging them and their audiences at one of the world’s most iconic urban places. Through the site’s electronic billboards, and public plazas, artists are challenged to present Times Square in new ways.

  • CAF, EcoArt Project, and Art for Promotion has organized Design Havana, a com-petition soliciting proposals of eco-friendly furniture and lighting design from Cuba-based designers and architects. The finalists will be announced in early 2017.

  • CAF is serving a Presenting Partner of Dance Cuba, a collection of film archives related to the production of Dance Cuba: Dreams of Flight produced by Cynthia Newport. The archive is rich in behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with famous dancers and choreographers, such as Carlos Acosta, Marianela Boan, and Ramiro Guerra Suarez. The collection is part of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.

Residency Program – For many Cuban artists, the most valuable of CAF’s opportunities is the residency program. Each year, CAF provides grantees with free private studio space at one of several venues. CAF often offers the public to experience in the artists’ studio experience by attending open-studio sessions where they can meet with artists to discuss their influences, creative processes and challenges.

For more information, send us a message.